CROSS is a new approach to acne scars. Using the strength of a deep peel, Dr. Shah selectively targets acne scars while sparing the remainder of the skin. He treats specific scars in a highly technical and specific manner. The stimulation of the deep peel encourages collagen formation, flattening acne scars and improving skin texture. The benefit of targeted selection is that the recovery period of chemical peel is limited to the treated areas. In addition, many drawbacks of deep chemical peels can be avoided including pigmentary abnormalities, erythema, and scarring. This technique can be used in all skin types including Caucasian, Asian, African American.
CROSS TCA works with specific types of acne scars. Icepick, pores, and some boxcars respond best to this approach. Recovery from this technique often involves the early formation of a white spot which is replaced by a scab. The scab falls off and then underlying redness can be seen in the area treated with the CROSS TCA. The redness typically dissipates in a week but can last longer in select patients. Patients typically repeat multiple treatments for optimal results.